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Neckwear has been an integral part of jewellery since the time of ancient civilizations and even pre-dates the invention of writing.


We are proud to be able to offer a wide selection of Chains, Chokers and Collars, Pendants in a variety of Gemstones , Lockets, Crosses, Pearls, and our UNIQUE own design Gold & Silver Stars and not forgetting the very popular creation of a Holly Willoughby style Half Sovereigns Coin Necklace.


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A quite spectacular 22” Rose Gold Necklace displaying the three iconic “Suffragette” gemstones to g..
Bumble Bees crafted from gold have always been a real favourite of the girls, and this beautifully ..
An impressive and very popular Coin Necklace, with two genuine Half Sovereigns, an Edwardian one dat..
This attractive oval Aquamarine has an unexpectedly strong sparkle to it, beautifully displayed in ..
Fully in vogue just now, but not fully in the picture ... this 36" long !! Freshwater Pearl Neckla..
How many ‘celebrities’ have you seen wearing a Diamond Circle Pendant recently? The Girls have chos..