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18 carat Gold Open Heart Pearl Pendant & Chain

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This is a very pretty contribution from Clare, with 23 Natural Pearls beautifully brought together in the form of an open Heart, presented on an 18 carat yellow gold trace Chain.

Dating from around 1900 but looking as fresh now as it did then.

* Pearls are one of the world’s most fascinating gems as they originate from one of the humblest of life forms.The true origin of “natural” pearls is almost as mystifying as folklore, as they emanate from irritants lodged inside an oyster or clam, which gets coated over years with layers of nacre to eventually produce the shimmering lustrous pearl. Natural Pearls are rare and in reality the most commonly available Pearls are “simulated” or “cultured”, by placing a piece of shell or bead inside a pearl oyster to stimulate the process of the nacre

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Metal Purity:18 carat Yellow Gold Length:16 inch
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