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18 carat Gold Mabé Pearl Earrings

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A breathtaking pair of Mabé Pearls are displayed in attractive circles of 18 carat Yellow Gold on this pair of stunning Stud Earrings, approximately 15mm in diameter. Not many women have the privilege of owning such unique and eye-catching Pearls as these …..

* Mabé Pearls are quite different from what might be considered ‘normal’ pearls. Instead of growing inside the body of the mollusk, as is the case with other pearls, Mabé Pearls grow against the inside shell causing them to have a flat side, as opposed to being rounded like standard pearls. And the unique nacre of the Mabé oyster allows these unique semi-spherical Cultured Pearls to take on hues that are quite brilliant and rainbow-like.

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Metal Purity:18 carat Yellow Gold
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