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Vintage Style Diamond & Sapphire 18ct White Gold Ring


The central round half-carat Diamond is surrounded in an octagonal vintage-style White Gold setting with Sapphires and more Diamonds, and the effect is absolutely beautiful.  A modern 18 carat Gold Art-Deco style reproduction, you need to try this on to appreciate how the gentry of times gone by came to love this style of jewellery. 

* Sapphires are the translucent blue variety of the Corundum family of gemstones, deriving their name from the Greek ‘sappheiros’ meaning ‘precious stone’ and it is September's Birthstone relating to the zodiac sign of Virgo, and the gemstone for a 45th Wedding Anniversary …so if you married in 1973 and her Birthday is in September you will not find a more appropriate gift ?

Product Details
Carat Weight:0.55 carat Diamonds Metal Purity:18 carat White Gold
Style:Vintage Design
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