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Cameo Brooch / Pendant in 9ct Gold

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This is one of the most beautiful Cameo carvings we’ve seen lately …. an iconic and very attractive 9 carat gold Cameo Brooch,which can also be worn as a Pendant thanks to the addition of a hinged  bail fitting. A beautiful and characteristic Cameo with a graceful female image, encased in an ornate gold surround, this elegant Brooch will make a fantastic addition to her treasured jewellery collection.

* Cameos are known to have been around since ancient times, but the modern tradition began around the fifteenth or sixteenth century and was made popular by Queen Victoria [1837-1901], although Catherine the Great of Russia is also said to have owned a large collection. Cameos carved from shell are still the most popular type of cameo sold today. Picture an antique cameo and the first image that pops into your mind is an elegant woman's profile carved out of white shell against a coral background, and being one of the most treasured sculpted images this fascinating Ring will make a sentimental keepsake and a work of art  !!

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