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The Girls' Choice

The Girls' Choice

Sometimes our girls come across items of jewellery that make a big impression on them.

It could be because of their uniqueness, their attractiveness, their style or even their amazing value for money. Here we have put together a few ideas for you to choose something special from "The Girls' Choice".....

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A quite spectacular 22” Rose Gold Necklace displaying the three iconic “Suffragette” gemstones to g..
Bumble Bees crafted from gold have always been a real favourite of the girls, and this beautifully ..
An impressive and very popular Coin Necklace, with two genuine Half Sovereigns, an Edwardian one dat..
Clare says this Brooch is up there with her favourites, and it’s easy to understand when you see th..
This is one from the Girls that they say is a “bang on trend” Pendant for the girl of the momen..
Can there be a more fitting way to show how you feel ?... than this beautiful sea blue Turquoise s..