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Some say that the most important piece of jewellery a lady can wear are her Earrings (after the Engagement and Wedding Rings of course) and the most popular, elegant, versatile and classic style is a simple Diamond Stud.


We believe in variety though, and can offer different styles (Drop, Stud, Hoop, Cluster, Huggie, etc..) , fittings (stud, screw, omega, hinged, clip-on, etc..) and a remarkably extensive selection of wide and varied gemstones.


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As if the dainty round Pearls weren’t a catch on their own, there are two small sparkling Diamonds ..
There's no better way to demonstrate your love than by giving a rich red Ruby, and a small cluster..
The ring of small sparkling Diamonds catches your eye and attracts you towards the deep blue of the..
A very elegant pair of Circles Drop Earrings that starts with a small round White Gold loop, gradua..